Network of International Cultural Exchanges (NICE)
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Mission Statement
NICE aims to promote democracy and development by maximizing the impact, efficiency, and collaboration of exchange programs. NICE seeks to achieve this by creating one easily accessible space where individuals and organizations involved in exchange programs can share and receive relevant information.

  • 1. Provide a space for organizations and individuals involved in exchange programs to share and receive information about relevant opportunities, services, and best practices.
  • 2. Provide opportunities for individuals and organizations working on exchange programs to expand their networks by participating in NICE conferences, events, and list servers.
  • 3. Increase overall access to information regarding exchange program service providers including workshops on how to assess, design and implement a successful training program.

Currently there is not one consolidated source of information for all individuals and organizations that are working on and/or funding exchange programs. Through such a network, NICE aims to:

  • 1. Increase competition leads to quality and efficient service providers.
    By providing a common space whereby there is increased access to information on the range of service providers available, there is increased competition, therefore leading to an increased desire of organizations and individuals to make their services as high-quality and efficient as possible. Furthermore, NICE saves time for those programming agencies looking for training providers by consolidating information.
  • 2. Increase organization of information in order to enhance the ability of organizations and individuals to locate important information, share resources and best practices, network, and collaborate.
    By creating a one-stop-shop where all information is consolidated and organizations can communicate to share best practices, find people to work with and collaborate, they are able to increase their efficiency and thus, impact.

Services of the Network for International Cultural Exchanges (NICE)

  • 1. Workshops for training providers on successful and efficient ways of designing and carrying out a training program.
  • 2. Opportunity to network by participating in and/or presenting at NICE events and conferences such as:
    * Annual conference and awards dinner (The awards dinner will recognize the efforts and lifetime achievement of dedicated individuals who have worked throughout their life in improving democracy, governance and leadership around the world)
    * Monthly receptions and speaker series
  • 3. Ability to communicate with the NICE community by continual access to online bulletin board.
  • 4. Listserves organized by different categories such as: RFPs, translators, individual consultants, jobs, topic expertise, regional focus, and language expertise.
  • 5. Quarterly newsletters and access to NICE online resources highlighting best practices and success stories.
  • 6. Opportunity to showcase your expertise and be easily accessible by others who are searching for your particular skills.

For more information about the Network of International Cultural Exchanges (NICE), please email

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