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US Hosting Network (USH-NET)

What is Expected By the Host Family?

  • Each delegate should have his or her own room, although this is not always possible. Two delegates of the same sex may share a room with separate beds. Under no conditions may delegates be asked to share beds, nor may delegates of the opposite sex share a room. Do not have delegate share a room with a program facilitator.
  • Host should be generally healthy and able to interact with their guests.
  • The host family should be genuinely interested in welcoming an international visitor into their home. They should be willing to spend time with the delegate(s), taking them shopping and including them in other activities as their schedule permits.
  • Host families should try to offer family-style meals at home when they are scheduled to provide meals.
  • Host families should be included in a farewell dinner or party before the delegates depart, and should be encouraged to organize other evening activities with other families.

For further information on hosting please read our Hosting Tips Guidance. The tips provided are suggestions, not rules. They are largely generalizations and will not cover all situations. The most important thing is to go with the flow, relax and enjoy your delegation! If there are any questions or concerns, please contact CIP's program coordinator.

If you are interested in becoming a host family please download and fill out the Host Family Profile Form and e-mail to

US Hosting Network (USH-NET) brings together families from all over the US that are interested in hosting international students and professionals for short intervals of time. All hosting families are provided detailed information about their guest prior to their arrival and are committed to the hospitality of CIP's international visitors. USH-NET is an exciting opportunity that helps international guests learn about American culture and history as well as exposes American families to the culture of different people of the world.
Homestays are the cornerstone of some of CIP's professional exchange programs such as the Open World experience. It is a very beneficial factor to the participants, and it can be just as rewarding for the host families. The time spent with host families allows delegates to see how an American family lives and interacts, and adds a degree of warmth and a personal touch that hotel stays lack. Homestays also foster a more positive impression of both the program and America in the minds of visitors - an impression they take back with them and share with friends and colleagues. Although language barriers may exist, guests and hosts find ways to communicate and learn from each other.
Center for International Programs invites you and your family to join thousands of other families across the U.S., who enjoy the enriching and rewarding experience of hosting!

Your family can make a difference by hosting a professional... making the lifelong dream of an international guest come true. You can contribute in a small, but significant way, to international development and cross-cultural understanding by sharing the beauty, history and culture of American people with a young professional from Russia, Ukraine or Japan. Your hosting experience offers a developing lifelong friendship between your family and your international guest.


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