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CIP Mission Statement
Center for International Programs (CIP) is devoted to promoting intercultural exchange, international development and training for emerging leaders. The long-term vision of Center for International Programs (CIP) is to provide tailored training to emerging leaders of developing countries. Through its programs, CIP raises the level of consciousness among the people of these developing countries about the requirements of development, good governance, citizenship, and healthy society.

Executive Coaching and Organizational Effectiveness
CIP provides facilitation and consulting services for professional staff of various entities in the US. Such training services include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizational change
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Systems Thinking
  • Executive coaching & development
  • Leadership concepts
  • Teambuilding/group process
  • Appreciative Inquiry

USAID Funded Participant Training Programs
Center for International Programs (CIP) has hosted high profile delegations with senior officials and prominent figures from Kosovo and Macedonia.

Kosovo Trade Program: Ten participants from Kosovo participated in a professional training program which was focused on the theme of advancing the Kosovar Trade Policy Decision-Making and Negotiation Skills Development from August 26 - September 4, 2005 in Washington, D.C. This Participant Training Program was designed by the Center for International Programs (CIP), administered by World Learning and sponsored by USAID. The program was intense featuring heavy exposure of the Kosovar officials to the U.S. trade policy system, Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations and inter-agency coordination in trade. The program was a success. The interests of the participants were well matched with the activities scheduled. As one of the participants Shqipe Gashi, Trade Policy Coordinator -- Kosovo Ministry of Trade and Industry, stated "Every part of the program was interesting and useful. Most importantly we had a chance to visit face to face with officials from important US institutions and learned directly from the experience of our US counter parts." The delegation had informative and practical meetings, which exposed them to knowledge that they can apply to their work upon return to Kosovo.

Open World Leadership Programs
The Open World Leadership Center at the US Library of Congress sponsors numerous leadership programs for Russian and former Soviet Union countries. CIP has hosted delegations from Ukraine and Russia. The most recent program, a special project on the topic of education, involved the training of 5 bright women leaders from the Department of Education Regional Offices in Russia. CIP designs and implements professional programs for such delegations upon request and award by the national host, Academy for Educational Development (AED).

Besides the professional programs, CIP also plans for cultural events and arranges home stays with US hosting families for the international guests, thus allowing the participants in the program to fully experience the American culture and life style.

If you are interested in becoming a host family please download and fill out the Host Family Profile Form and e-mail to info@internationalprograms.org.

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